UNICRI Public Information

UNICRI actions answer the need to improve knowledge on crime prevention and justice related issues. Policy and actions should be based on reality and concrete facts. Since its establishment, the Institute has provided governments and the international community at large with new knowledge and tools to interpret complex and evolving phenomena. Information sharing and communication are therefore fundamental as they influence political decision-making and public opinion and establish most of the priorities and agenda of the international community. As well, knowledge is the most important tool to promote the rule of law and a culture of human rights and to create awareness of the problems that we address.

Information sharing and communication are integral components of UNICRI activities. While addressing problems with practical interventions, we create knowledge and awareness of issues as well as a momentum from which we can act. UNICRI’s communications strategy is meant to be a dialogue, as everybody can contribute and must also be aware that terrorism is not only a simple matter of security but also the outcome of frustrations and loss of points of reference, that crime can be generated by poverty, and that justice, respect for human rights and development are the solutions to the problems.

UNICRI contributes to information sharing and awareness by:


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